GOD HELP US! is a play ripped from today’s headlines, an evening’s entertainment that is at once hilarious, unifying and thought provoking.

Two pundits, Larry (a liberal lad) and Randi (a conservative gal), find themselves confronted by GOD (the legendary Ed Asner), a wise, sarcastic, cantankerous and wildly funny character who is offended by what America’s political leaders have done to America. He has brought Randi and Larry to Purgatory for a lively debate about the issues our time. And whomever he finds more persuasive will get God’s “mighty thumb on the scale” in one or the other’s favor.

We learn that Randi and Larry were a couple back in their college days, but politics tore them apart – in large measure because they couldn’t learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. God interrogates them on a wide array of topics – domestic, international and personal – while commenting on the Bible, the Big Bang, the origin of mankind, and so much more.

God comments on what He’s hearing – pointing out with tremendous humor the foibles and falsehoods of both sides. Finally, God has a brainstorm and switches things up (he can do that, he’s GOD!). At first, the two don’t realize what’s happening, but the change reignites the flame between them. They embrace, which inspires God’s final speech and message:

If these two clowns you’ve just observed can consider someone else’s point of view, maybe there is hope for everyone. So all of you out there in the darkness, come into the light, because it’s all up to you. I gave you free will, so go forth and get it together, for if you don’t (we hear loud thunder)… IT’S THE END!!!

Given the current state of our politics – GOD HELP US! speaks to audiences of all political persuasions with one essential argument, that we must listen to each other so that we can all live – and laugh – together.